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Why use Kindmetrics as an Google Analytics alternative?

I am sure people think that Google Analytics is free, but it is not.

Google Analytics lets you see your data, but you can’t see all of it. It has many data about you and your visitors; Google is famous for being a for-profit advertising company. An ad business is doing one thing: selling data. Google needs to target the right audience for its ads. It can only do that by using your data.

Over 85% of all websites use Google Analytics for tracking. This means Google Analytics can see an overview of the visitor flows and traffic for 85% of all websites. It is a bit scary.

With Kindmetrics, you can trust that it won’t use or share your data. It is because Kindmetrics is not an advertising company. It is a software company.

You will own your website analytics data.

When you use Kindmetrics, you will keep ownership of 100% of the data for your websites. Kindmetrics will maintain privacy for you and your visitors. When you use our service, all your analytics are stored on our cloud servers, but you still own them.

  1. Your data is stored by a software company, not an advertising company that sells data.
  2. Unlike other analytics services, we do not send your data to any third party.
  3. Kindmetrics does not do any specific calculations on or harvest your data to play with AI or any other reason. Only the metrics you see on the dashboard are accessed. Google won’t do this. They are an ad-tech company that will use your data to gain as much profit as possible.

Privacy of your visitors and yourself

Privacy is starting to come up as a trend, a shift, of something better than is happening on the internet. Kindmetrics is part of that shift.

Kindmetrics collects as little personal information as possible. Even if Google seems not to think so, the truth is that you don’t need personal information to calculate or track visitors on your website. Kindmetrics also doesn’t save any cookies.

If the visitor has enabled DNT (do not track), Kindmetrics respects their wishes and won’t track them. Most analytics services don’t have DNT, and visitors won’t know if offered and enabled. With Kindmetrics, the visitors’ DNT flag will be acknowledged.

With Google Analytics, you are sacrificing your privacy and your visitors. In contrast, you can do everything on Kindmetrics without sacrificing your visitor’s privacy.

Kindmetrics also respects your information, not just your visitors’. It tries to minimize your data that goes to third parties, and you can be sure that your data is as protected as your visitors’ data.

GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliance

There are new laws to protect your visitors, and of course, you want to be compliant with these laws. Kindmetrics is compliant with all of the laws.

When you track or collect personal website usage data, you need to ask for and get explicit consent from the visitor, according to recent regulations, like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU.

The world has followed the same idea: to protect personal data. Other regulations have been introduced, such as the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in the United States and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations) in the United Kingdom.

Google Analytics collects much data, and you would need to ask for and get consent and handle that in the right way, which many websites don’t do. I would consider Google Analytics a potential liability for your site.

Kindmetrics does not use cookies; it anonymizes the visitors. We are open about who our third parties are, and it is a shorter list than you will see from many others.

Small and cute

Kindmetrics is a small company focused on customers. I am the lonely founder of Kindmetrics, and I only listen to my customers. You could say that the customers drive Kindmetrics’ future.

Kindmetrics does not want to maximize profit; I want stable growth that allows me to live on Kindmetrics’ profits but still have my customers’ interests in mind. Kindmetrics won’t ask for capital or investment. I want to be bootstrapped and focused on providing an excellent service. Kindmetrics won’t sell data to be profitable.

Even if Kindmetrics is small, it is already made to handle massive traffic and scale without issue to handle many new data. Neither the site nor the tracking file you use on your website will slow down.

The lightweight alternative to Google Analytics

Many different options to Google Analytics show off about the size of the script they use. Kindmetrics won’t do it differently.

Kindmetrics’ tracking script is around 3KB. With that, we get all the data you would like about your visitors, check for DNT, and send it to our server if DNT is disabled.

Google Analytics’ size is 45.7 KB, with its tags and analytics together. That takes a lot more traffic and a bit longer to load. Ironically, faster sites are rewarded by Google’s search engine, and others for that matter.

Kindmetrics is also simple to install, with just a small script tag to add to your HTML head. It will work immediately and will load faster than others. You know that people can be impatient with pages loading to be happy with a faster page.

Why is Kindmetrics not free like Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is not free; you are paying with your and your visitors’ data. It is an advertisement company. Google became big by selling personal information, which it collects, for example, with Google Analytics.

Kindmetrics is not selling any data; it is more of a service company. I am selling a service instead of your data. By paying me a monthly price, you still own your data.

Kindmetrics will always work like this; we always have Kindmetrics’ customers’ interests in mind and are focused on their needs.

Let’s move on to free analytics.

We have many excellent features, and you will get more personal contact and a welcome from me.

You will get a 14-day free trial to test Kindmetrics. If I can’t convince you, then we don’t deserve your company.


We love analytics!

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