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We are open source website analytics

Kindmetrics is an open-source analytics platform. It is a simple, lightweight, and strictly privacy-focused website analytics service and tool.

What does open source mean for website analytics? Let’s take a look.

What are website analytics?

Website analytics are numbers you use to measure how many visitors you have had on your website today, yesterday, or during other periods. You want to use these numbers to analyze the usage of the website.

In Kindmetrics, the metrics show unique visitors to your website, page views for each page, and referrals (what led visitors to your website).

The data can be used to estimate performance and figure out the best way to improve your future metrics.

What is open source?

Open source is where developers give anyone permission to use, change, and distribute the source code to others. Open source shares the source code in public so that anyone can access and read it. The Kindmetrics source code is accessible on Github.

Why is it good for privacy?

When you consider your privacy, the code is the first thing you want to look at to be sure it doesn’t do anything weird. If you do not understand programming, ask someone you know to do the audit for you. You can trust what you or your friends see in the code, instead of trusting some company’s word, they won’t harm your personal information.

A company with secure software can be lying to you, and you don’t know because you can’t look at the code.

What license is Kindmetrics using?

Kindmetrics is using MIT License, the standard for good open-source software.

You can use it commercially, take it and do your own thing based on it, and more. Feel free to do anything you want with it. The only things the license won’t include are liability and warranty, and you have to preserve the license and copyright.

Check the license at GitHub.

Kindmetrics also has an open ideology.

Open to-do lists of what we plan to do, free for everyone to give feedback

Kindmetrics’ issues on GitHub contain everything we plan to build or the reported bugs. You can add your feedback or feature requests there, and everyone can add their input. It is very open.

You can make your metrics public

It is easy to let others see the website analytics if you want them to. We have a way to share metrics with those with a unique link. In this way, you can share the analytics to clients, colleagues, friends, or users.

Why is Kindmetrics’ hosted version not free?

For now, our only way to keep the business alive is through the hosted version. We are not selling your data—we respect it. So, the only option is to have you pay a fee. It covers our costs, allowing us to make a fantastic product, and you don’t need to worry about your privacy or data.

Google Analytics might be free, but they are using your data for ad targeting, so they are indirectly using your data to earn money. We don’t do that, so we have to sell a service and product to stay alive.

Kindmetrics’ model is privacy, and we will always respect privacy. So, in this way, you are paying to keep owning your data.

Move to an open-source analytics alternative

When reading this, you might want to try out an open-source analytics alternative to Google Analytics. Give Kindmetrics a chance.

You can sign up for a free trial. Kindmetrics offer a 14-day free trial. You have no obligation, and it is unlimited. You can do as much as you want during the trial, and, based on your data; we will recommend a plan after those 14 days.

It is simple, and many users have said it takes less than five minutes to be up and running with Kindmetrics, so let’s try! Kindmetrics will soon offer server-side tracking for those who are interested.


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