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Kindmetrics is open source

• Written by Håkan Nylén

Kindmetrics is an open-source since yesterday. What does that mean for you? I will tell you below.

You can check the code by yourself to be sure that it will handle your visitors’ data in the right way. If you are not technical, you can treat that others will check and approve or disapprove the code.

You can also help push Kindmetrics forward in maybe the road you want Kindmetrics to take. You can get things done faster.

And most importantly, a total transparent follow of a project you will like. You can see what changes we do and when we did them. All those bugs we fixed and also those we created. It can’t be more transparent than this.

You can also deploy your server of Kindmetrics and won’t need to pay me or host your data. It will be safest for you that way, and some would like that way more than paying me, And I am okay with that.

Check up the repo here


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