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Kindmetrics is in open beta!

• Written by Håkan Nylén

Kindmetrics is out in open beta!

I wanted to say that for 20 days now. That’s right; I have been working on Kindmetrics for 20 days. With that, I have been pushing commits almost every day. It has been challenging, but I am happy to have it in open beta finally.

I got inspired by Simple analytics, Fathom, Piwik/Matomo, and Plausible. I tried to put everything I felt was fair and optimized the privacy even more than they did. I think that it is crucial to know. They are based on un-EU countries; they use the third party that is either bad on privacy or in America that is not so good. Kindmetrics is EU-based, has servers on EU soil (Germany), and only uses EU-based third parties, like Mailjet.

So Kindmetrics is stepping up the game! I hope you will like the service.

So what can I do on Kindmetrics now?

You can do:

  • See total uniques, total page views, and bounce rate
  • most visited Pages
  • top referrers
  • top countries
  • top devices, browser, and OS.
  • Detailed referrer with links to a page that links to you
  • Detailed country page with a giant map of the world, with marked countries that have visited you.

You will be using all the above right now. And for now, it is free. The only thing I am asking as a return is feedback and bug reports. In that way, we can move forward and do the following in my current todo:

What you can do soon:

  • Email reports to custom emails and yourself
  • Own domain for the javascript file
  • And more to come
  • pay for Kindmetrics

Feel free to come with ideas for making Kindmetrics even better!

I hope you will enjoy Kindmetrics as much as I did, making it.


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