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Kindmetrics API is out

• Written by Håkan Nylén

I have something new out: API - making it possible for you to get data and filter it on your system and more. It is clean and straightforward, just as it should be.

I am very excited about this new feature. I plan to build my libraries based on this API in multiple languages, like: Ruby Crystal Python PHP Elixir

It might take some time, but these plans to come out in the upcoming months.

The possibilities are endless; you can build Kindmetrics into your system. Some things I can see:

  • Give your users analytics to their page
  • have your CLI to get analytics directly in your terminal.
  • Add analytics data to your dashboard.

And many many more things.

Hopefully, you are happy with this open beta of the API.

We have not opened up the device, browser, and type operative system yet. It will come out soon.


We love analytics!

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