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Kindmetrics becomes self-hosted only

• Written by Håkan Nylén

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and it has been a roller coaster of emotions. I am exhausted. It is with a bad feeling I have to announce I close (hosted) Kindmetrics down.

Privacy website analytics is a crowded niche, and I want to try something new. But it is also something else; Kindmetrics was meant to be a new source of ideas in privacy website analytics, but I got many adverse reactions, more than positive ones. I now feel sick when coding on Kindmetrics. It is not fun anymore.

I have been thinking of 3 different alternatives:

  1. close both self-hosted (archive it) and hosted and move on
  2. close hosted and keep self-hosted on
  3. pivot kindmetrics to something else.

I decided to do number 2; it is easier to close down Kindmetrics and keep the self-hosted up to date and move on with a new project. That would be an excellent restart.

I have learned a lot about what I should do more and what I should never do again. That’s how it should be while learning by doing. I want to thank everyone, both competitors and users, who gave good critic and feedback during this rollercoaster ride. Thank you.

I will refund all money, both current and past, for all users who subscribed to my plans. I will close down Kindmetrics end of May (30rd May) and delete all data.

Thanks and sorry.


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