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About Us

Kindmetrics is website analytics that is open source and focuses on privacy for both the visitors and you.

The mission

The mission of Kindmetrics is to provide useful analytics that is easy to use and have anything you need without giving away your information to big corporations and surveillance.

Analytics is the simplest to add to your website and the easiest way for big enterprises to get data on your visitors; they can sell it to third parties or use it to sell ads on their platforms. Making it an obvious choice to step in as an alternative and by stepping up the game, by being based in the EU and not only focusing on being a “one-page dashboard”-analytics, Kindmetrics will also be a perfect service for most people out there.

Kindmetrics focus on adding a better overview, depending on what you want to do. The dashboard is the main focus, but you can use the sub-pages to go deep into different areas without handling popups and distractions. Kindmetrics is living by “no to overengineering,” meaning no SPA, and no need to pack everything on one page if it makes no sense or needs to do a modal to show all data.

About the person behind Kindmetrics

The person behind Kindmetrics is me, Håkan Nylén (@confact), and are living in Sweden. I have been active in privacy-focused politics in Sweden in periods since 2006 and have been programming since I was 11.

I never thought about building a privacy-focused service until I found privacy companies ironically based in North America. I could do it better myself and establish it in the EU for better privacy, both for EU-citizens and citizens worldwide. I started building a git hosting focused on privacy (released as open-source) before moving to analytics.


We love analytics!

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