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Incredible privacy-focused website analytics

Kindmetrics is a strictly privacy-focused, lightweight alternative to Google Analytics. It is the most privacy-focused analytics out there, and it is also straightforward to use with its one-page dashboard.

Why use Kindmetrics

Here is why Kindmetrics is an excellent alternative to not only Google Analytics but also to other analytics out there.


Kindmetrics is built on being kind to you and your visitor`s privacy and data. There will still be accurate data, and it will show you all you need to do the best work possible.


Kindmetrics is as kind to you as it is to your visitors. It is simple to set up. The only thing you need to do is type two fields and add a code to your website. Then, you will be up and running in no time. The dashboard is simple to use with everything on one page.

Lightweight script

The Kindmetrics script is tiny, around 40 times smaller than Google Analytics. It lets your visitors use less bandwidth when visiting your website.

Share your analytics

Share your analytics privately or publicly with friends and clients. They will see the same dashboard you use, which will be easily sharable through a unique URL.

No cookies

We neither save cookies on your visitors' computers nor collect personal information, so you don't need to ask for consent to save cookies with our tracking. Read more about our data policy here.

High-privacy focus

Kindmetrics is 200 percent focused on privacy. We follow best practice, obeying users' wishes not to be tracked, including through Do Not Track (DNT) support. We use as few third parties as possible, only working with those that are privacy-focused and based in the EU, if possible.

Open-source project

Kindmetrics is open source, so you can check the code yourself and analyze whether it is handling your data correctly, as well as contribute and push the project forward with things you may want or need, or even host the service yourself. Check our GitHub repo here.

The pricing

Kindmetrics is in open beta and you can use it for free right now.


50,000 page views per month

19 EUR

200,000 page views per month

29 EUR

400,000 page views per month

These are preliminary plans, which can change later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Kindmetrics on multiple sites?

Yes! You can add as many sites as you like. All the sites' page views will be counted together toward the monthly page-view allotment of your price plan.

How can I start tracking?

It's easy! Just add a javascript to your HTML header. Wordpress, Ghost, and Squarespace, for instance, can easily accommodate it in their systems. Later, documentation will be added for those. Read more about how to add your tracking code here.

Will you block me if I reach the limit?

No, we are kind! We won't block you or charge for traffic spikes. If you reach the limit two months in a row, we will contact you, and you can then decide if you want to upgrade or cancel your account. You will have two weeks to decide. No hard feelings at all.

Why isn't Kindmetrics free?

At Kindmetrics, we are only selling a product. We won't sell your data or personal information. You pay a small fee for getting to own your own data, which we think is fair. Google Analytics is free, but you are paying them with your data instead.


We love analytics!

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