Privacy-focused website analytics for everyone

Kindmetrics is a strictly privacy-focused analytics tool to help you find referrers and measure good content quickly. A more excellent way to dig into your visitors without the visitors giving their data to big enterprises.

We are Kind Analytics

We are Kindmetrics because we want to be kind to our customers and their visitors by being privacy-focused and EU-based. We are using as many EU-based third parties as possible and continuously evaluating our third parties to change to better alternatives.

Custom Goals

Set up custom events for catching conversion instead of only page views. You can use it for the newsletter, sign-ups, payment, or similar to count conversion.

Clean Dashboard

Get all data you need in one dashboard. A good overview with data like most viewed pages, referrers, countries, devices, Operative systems, and browsers. Everything on one page.

Referrers and Visited pages

Find who send you visitors based on source and mediums; a group of sources. These are well structured in an excellent way to help answer the ultimate question - where are the visitors coming from and what page are they visiting.

Countries and Languages

See the location easily where a user is visiting the website and what language they use. You can get them as a list of top countries or a map to quickly see an overview of where every visitor is coming from. All countries and language data are anonymous.

Devices and Browsers

Is your typical visitor a Linux user, or shall you focus on optimizing that mobile page? Get a hint on what your visitors are using so you can prioritize your work accordingly. All devices, browsers, and Operative system data are anonymous.

Page speed

See what page is taking the most time to load and where users have it hard to get a good experience on your website. You can easily see what page needs better optimization and where you might need to offer faster access to your website. All page speed data are anonymous.

Other features why to use Kindmetrics

Share analytics

Easily share analytics publically or privately with clients, the community, or your colleagues. You get a randomized link you can share with those. And can turn it off/on whenever you like.

API access

Access your data and integrate it to your system with our api. You can access most of the data you can see on the dashboard and you can also create and list your domains. Making it possible to have the whole flow in your system.

You can find our Api Documentation here.

Email reports

Get weekly or monthly reports about visitors and bounce rates directly to your mailbox. So it is no need to refresh the dashboard if you don't want to frequently. You can also send the report to other emails, like your client or colleagues.

Easy trigger events

You can easily set up custom goals with our tracking script without switching script or do something special. It works directly without any fuzz. Check our documentation here.

Small tracking script

Our script is tiny, not as small as others, but is focus more on making it easy for you to do those custom events easily from scratch. With a very small with around 2Kb, it is still tiny for use.

Open source and high privacy focus

Kindmetrics is built to be fully transparent and kind to both you and your visitors. We believe open source is the right step towards that goal. And we are frequently updating the code openly to the public with new privacy rules for our customers.

You can find our Github here.

No cookies

We are not saving any track-cookies and won't, ever. You don't need to set up a cookie consent popup because of us, and you can feel good that we are not setting any tracking cookie on your visitor's devices.


For those who want to go entirely privacy, we have a custom way of self-hosting Kindmetrics. We like to offer this for those who wouldn't trust other ways to see visitor data.

The pricing

Kind monthly price plans.


7 EUR/month

30,000 events


17 EUR/month

200,000 events


30 EUR/month

500,000 events


50 EUR/month

1,000,000 events

Try out Kindmetrics for free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Kindmetrics on multiple sites?

Yes! You can add as many sites as you like. All the sites' page views will be counted together toward your price plan's monthly page-view allotment.

How can I start tracking?

It's easy! Just add a javascript to your HTML header. WordPress, Ghost, and Squarespace, for instance, can easily accommodate it in their systems. Later, documentation will be added for those. Read more about how to add your tracking code here.

Will you block me if I reach the limit?

No, we are kind! We won't block you or charge for traffic spikes. If you reach the limit two months in a row, we will contact you, and you can then decide if you want to upgrade or cancel your account. You will have two weeks to decide.

Why isn't Kindmetrics free?

At Kindmetrics, we are only selling a product. We won't sell your data or personal information. You pay a small fee for getting to own your data, which we think is fair. Google Analytics is free, but you are paying them with your data instead.


We love analytics!

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